Assorted Crofters Non-Alcoholic Beer Pack of 6

Who says non alcoholic beer is no fun? Well if you think so too then you haven't yet tried the right non-alcoholic beer!

Enjoy an assortment of refreshing flavours from Crofters Beer-This is a pack of 6 & contains Peach, Strawberry, Cranberry, Ginger and Belgian Wit (Malt & Hops) to tingle your taste buds. All our products are specially crafted with natural ingredients so not only are they refreshing but also a healthier choice for you!

Crofters is a premium non-alcoholic beer that you can chose to consume directly from the bottle or use as a mixer for your cocktails. It blends well with the spirit of your choice.

BEWARE!!! this pack will bring with it a lot of cheer, happiness & joy into your life!

Trust are up for a lot of fun & excitement and will be bound to return for more!


Pack of 6

Alcohol 0.0%

Total Fat 0.0g 

Please check individual bottles for flavour-wise calories

Quantity:6 x 330ml 

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